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What We Can Offer

Domain Registration

Your domain name is the thing potential customers will associate with your website. You need a domain name that is easy to remember and relates to what your website offers. We can help you decide and get the best domain for your budget to help your website on the path of becoming a memorable experience for all of your future visitors.

Hosting Options

We can help get you set up with hosting for your website that suits your budget and online requirements. Sometimes the best hosting option is a small scale one. If you don't currently get high levels of website visits then why pay for the top level hosting. We can help you develop a growth plan for your website's hosting options that grows with your customer base.

Wordpress Installation

We run our own site with Wordpress and would recommend it to anyone looking to get an online presence set up quickly and easily. Wordpress is capable of many things, it can help promote a business, sell a product or work as an online business card for your services and locations.

Template Selection

We have a great selection of templates on offer, each gives your website an entirely different look and feel. We can get your website set up with all your content looking great. Our templates are mobile responsive and look great on anything from a full sized pc monitor to a pocket sized smart phone.