Mobile First Website Design


The demand for mobile first designs has increased due to a major shift in how an end user (customer) searches for a website on their mobile rather than their desktop. As the number of customers using a smartphone continues to rise it's important to design responsive websites to increase visibility, especially as Google's mobile-friendly algorithm improves the ranking of mobile friendly sites over non-responsive websites.

This means that when you're looking to create or improve your website you need to find a designer who is aware that mobile design is no longer an option for most companies, it's a requirement. By taking a 'Mobile First' approach your designer will make sure everything you show on your website will display perfectly on a mobile.

Giving your customer a consistent experience across all devices should be one of your highest priorities. This is achieved through highly skilled designers creating a layout that will suit all devices without compromising on quality when on the larger devices such as desktops, laptops and tablets.

One solution to balancing functionality on a desktop with usability on a mobile device is known as 'progressive enhancement'. Progressive enhancement is an approach defined in 2009 where a website in it's simplest form is created for a mobile device and additional features are added as the screen increases in size. This would allow a standard desktop user to view a large item on your website which would be too small on a mobile.

It's important to note that simply because your mobile devices will show less of your website, they will be no less functional. Website functionality should be priorities and any fundamental elements need to be added at all levels. Sometimes this means one solution for mobile and one for desktop but the functionality is achieved in both cases. 

Every design we create here at Ramo Dynamics is tried and tested on mobile devices as well as desktops. Our Business Identity WebsitesPortfolio Websites look great on mobile devices as a significant amount of traffic comes from a portable device rather than a traditional desktop.

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