Examples of how a dedicated server can offer your business some key advantages

Another blog post from RamoDynamics, this post simply lists some of the advantages of having a dedicated server for your business. These servers costs more than shared hosting packages however if you attract customers using your website in any way then this additional cost may be worth it.

  1. With a dedicated server, you can enjoy unlimited resources belonging to the server. You do not have to share computing resources like space or bandwidth, memory or power. Unlike shared hosting, you do not have to be concerned about your resources getting used up by your neighbours and slowing your site down in the process. Likewise, out of date installations running in neighbouring websites will not affect your site rankings.
  2. With dedicated hosting, you can be sure of getting a higher level of security. Unlike shared hosting, you are not forced to share server space with malicious websites or spam sites. 
  3. When you opt for dedicated server hosting, you will be able to enjoy enhanced security and better site performance. Since server resources belong to you, you can enjoy maximum network uptime. Shared hosting is better suited for sites which get low traffic & are not hugely concerned if their site drops due to problems on the shared server. This is because dedicated servers are far more reliable and stable compared to shared servers.
  4. When you sign for dedicated hosting, you can also enjoy a high degree of flexibility. You can allocate additional resources as and when you need these; you can install scripts of your choice and custom software to benefit your business. In shared hosting, you will be provided with only limited software and applications that may or may not boost your business.

RamoDynamics can take care of your website design, implementation and hosting platform. If you already have a site, talk to us about migrating onto a dedicated server.

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