Design a Business Card To Enhance Your Business Branding

Enhance Your Branding Through Well Designed Business Cards

A business card is sometimes the first thing a potential client will see. It’s important to make sure it sends the right message. Here are some useful tips to consider when designing your business cards.

Whether you are doing business online or running a brick and mortar enterprise, you need to review your marketing strategy to grow your market reach. While many digital marketing tools have emerged over the years, business cards remain among the most powerful tools that you can leverage to grow your investment. They might be small but these printed products throw a big punch.

It offers a personal touch when exchanging contact information and this sets a stronger foundation for fruitful relationships. They are considered one of the most effective direct marketing tools and also give the best first impression for your brand. A creatively designed card offers a credible face for your company and is a more professional and convenient way to represent your firm. This is a small but highly effective solution to networking.

With this in mind, you can start conceptualizing, designing and printing high quality printed products that will enhance your brand. This is not easy but with the following tips you can easily ace a high performance printed marketing tool that easily meets your goals. Take a look:

  1. Simple does it: Avoid trying to include everything on the small space available. Instead, provide the basics that instantly reflect you.
  2. Use an eye catching concept: The color, landscape, fonts and any graphics used should immediately attract the eye. The idea is to have a typeface that is visually appealing and which the recipient will enjoy reading.
  3. Use your brand personality: The logo, color theme and message used must reflect what your brand is all about. If you are selling green products for instance, the color green should be playfully used on the available space.
  4. Break away from the usual: With the advent of digital marketing tools, you have to be more creative if your business cards are going to gain any traction. Using shiny surfaces for instance and including your social media links are unique ways to spur the interest of a potential customer. From emboss/deboss, cut-outs, folded design, among other styles, there is no lack of creative methods to get a sophisticated look.

You should also avoid using many colors, make sure the typeface is easily readable and ensure essentials (name, title, company, logo, address, website and contact information) are included. To ace it with your business card, blend creativity, simple design, high quality material and a play of color and fonts.

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