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Tasked with building a review website we got to work on creating a design that would work for any occasion.
If we could come up with a design that would work with any client who wanted a review website then we could help keep down the costs for each of them. We set out to be green with our websites, reuse as much as possible however keep the design fresh and customisable. Tough ask but we took on the challenge.
Pedal Bike Review Website. Top 10 Lists & Individual Reviews
“We’re over the moon with the final site, RD outdone themselves with this, it’s simple to use & works well for our niche.”
Mr C Phillips
Our clients at Best Bike Guide wanted a website that could be used on other niches down the line. Although some tweaks will obviously be needed between the sites they wanted us to invest in ‘reuse’ in order to keep their costs down on future projects.

We’re up for a challenge so got to work on designing a website that you can customise as an admin with zero code knowledge.

The end result is great, we’re continuing to work closely with Best Bike Guide as we optimise the design bit by bit. What they have now is a fully functional website ready for them to fill with content.
Best Bike Guide
Best Bike Guide