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Improve on an already established website. Keep the design similar but fix the little bugs and errors.
We get approached with existing website work all the time. Clients aren’t happy with the website they currently have and have lost faith in their previous designers or they aren’t able (for whatever reason) to fix the problems. We start by evaluating the problems on the site and making sure we can replicate the issues they are having. From there we can decide whether a patch or complete rework is needed.
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“Ramo Dynamics did a great job on my site. I wanted them to keep the look and feel of the original site and they did but now it looks great on mobile and loads much quicker.”
Mr M Craig
We decided, after looking at the existing site and the way it was built to start from scratch. It was easier, quicker and therefore cheaper to rebuild the whole site than to do patch fixes in several places. The client was onboard with the rebuild and we got to work.

The end result is a faster, easier to enhance in the future, mobile responsive website design. As it uses lots of scripts to pull in the search forms and hotel options it’s not going to be the fastest site in the world but we’ve been able to improve the way the site calls these scripts and therefore improve the sites response time.

Overall this site looks better than it did before and will be a doddle to add more pages and features to in the future. Job well done.
Trusted Hotel Booking
Trusted Hotel Booking