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Design & build a vegan affiliate shopping website. The website will provide visitors with useful information about how to make being a vegan easier.
Sounds good to us. We started by finding out what sort of products our new clients wanted to put on their site. This lead to conversations about what supporting information they wish to put with these products. When we had all the information we needed we got to work.
Tips, Tricks & Words of Wisdom. Helping veganism become achievable for everyone.
“We’re excited to have a website up and running that allows us to promote vegan products to both sides of the continent. Thanks for all your hard work.”
Miss J Healy
After deciding on what information is going to be displayed on each of the products we moved onto deciding how the products will be categories and displayed to the visitors. A simple menu system was added to allow visitors to navigate between product lists.

Once we added an article list on the right hand side & social media links at the top we were good to go.
Vegan Shop Online
Vegan Shop Online