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Yoga Fitness Techniques

The guys at Yoga Fitness Techniques approached us to build them a modern, mobile friendly website & we didn’t disappoint.
Part of the work done by Ramo Dynamics was to redesign their logo. Originally just ‘Yoga Fitness Techniques’ in black text on a white background, we tried to bring some colour and style into the logo.
Yoga Hints, Tips & Recommendations.
“Really happy with the final look and feel of the website. Looking forward to seeing how our visitors react to the new design.”
Mr G Tompkinson
Yoga Fitness Techniques wanted a simple homepage design which highlighted their latest articles, products and reviews. We spent the first few days structuring the website and making sure we’d got their priorities correct. They decided against a complicated menu and instead wanted article lists available on the homepage.

We’ve taken everything they told us onboard and designed a structure that allows their latest content to find it’s way to the top of the homepage. From these article pages the visitor will be offered the older articles as further reading material.
Yoga Fitness Techniques
Yoga Fitness Techniques