Best Bike Guide Homepage

Best Bike Guide

‘Best Bike Guide’ is a review website. We needed to create a website that would allow the authors of the site to publish well structured, visually pleasing reviews for individual bikes as well as produce lists of bikes for ‘best of’ a specific category. The end result was a really easy to navigate website and we’re eagerly awaiting how the site looks as more and more content is published. Job well done and the publishers liked it too.

Yoga Fitness Techniques Homepage

Yoga Fitness Techniques

Yoga Fitness Techniques is designed to be a hub for everything to do with yoga. We’ve designed the site to allow the owners to publish articles on tips and techniques, blog posts for the latest news in the yoga community & product reviews to help their visitors make the right choices. 

Vegan Online Shop Homepage

Vegan Online Shop

The goal with Vegan Online Shop was to create a site filled with great ideas, products and books that are vegan but are great options for non-vegans to consider also. The publisher wanted the ability to categories products, offer thoughts and opinions as well as scores and rating. We’ve kept the menu system very simple on this site as per request and as the category list grows will revisit the design. For now the site is functioning great and the owner is very pleased with their mobile responsive website.

Hunters Legal Homepage

Hunters Legal Recruitment

Hunters Legal Recruitment is a site designed to promote the company to their prospective clients. We were tasked with creating a mobile friendly 4 page website that captures the professionalism of the company through the sites design, theme and style. We went with a beautiful London based landing page and kept the site minimal and clean.

Trusted Hotel Booking Homepage

Trusted Hotel Booking

‘Trusted Hotel Booking’ is an affiliate website. We were approached by a client with a design already in mind, the theme they were using wasn’t responsive, took an age to load and didn’t look great on a desktop either. We created a similar design, improving on the original whenever we got the chance. The new site is mobile responsive, loads much faster and has an improved navigation menu. Everyones happy.

Trusted Professionals Homepage

Trusted Professionals

Trusted Professionals is a mass location based lead capture website. It’s purpose is to provide its visitors with the ability to find local professional tradesmen in their area. We needed to incorporate a lead capture form into an appealing website that would both inform the visitor and help them easily navigate to the pages they require. We tried a few different styles and settled on this one, the client is very happy with the final product which is always cause for celebration.